August 27, 2019 crose

Lost (more likely stolen) Tangles

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news “Tan Tangle” and “Blue Tangle” are officially “lost”. I brought them to the UPS store in Los Angeles (on Virgil at the intersection of Sunset and Hollywood. Yes, I’m naming names) to ship to a patron in Michigan. After a couple of weeks of them not arriving, I followed up with the UPS store and UPS HQ — which was not an easy or pleasant experience. Long story short, they had no record of my package ever even getting on a truck and leaving the store — which seems to suggest the package was taken from the store. I’m an honest, hard-working person, so I don’t want to suggest it was an employee, but… all I can say is the package was about the size and weight of a flat screen TV. They were (under) insured because I thought no way would they lose a package this size — but at least I got something. Anyway, if by chance you ever come across these paintings, PLEASE report it to me! No questions asked, but I would very much like them back.