Pink Tangle goes to new home!

For the birthday of my long-time patron, super-supporter and friend, this year I gave Jen “Pink Tangle.” It now resides in Atwater Village (LA, CA), and I’m thrilled it does! Thank you for everything Jen!

An oldie but a goodie goes to its new home!

I’m pleased to report my “Green Tangle”, which was one of my earliest ones, moved to its new home in Long Beach, CA. It’s even more pleased to be there! Thank you Karen, I hope you enjoy it for years to come!

“Mojave” arrives at its new home…in the Mojave!

So my temporary desert studio space came to be because my friend Jason had just purchased a home out there, and then immediately went on tour with Redd Kross for three months (he’s the awesome guitar player!) and let me set up shop while he was away. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity, and to thank him, I gave him this painting I created while I was there… which I titled “Mojave”, of course! So happy for it to be in its birth place!

Commission complete…and it’s a hit!

So the commission was for a Cat Tangle to give as a Christmas gift, and here it is! My patron and her recipient want to remain private, so what I can say is… she loved it! I’m really happy with how it turned out too, and thrilled it has a great home in downtown Los Angeles.

New Commission Underway!

I’ve been commissioned to create a painting. I can’t say anything about it right now, except for this…

New Studio!

As many of you may know, I had to leave my beloved Equestrian District studio last year. It was a difficult loss. In Los Angeles it’s hard to find affordable studio space, so I tried to make due at home — but home wasn’t cutting it! An opportunity just presented itself that I can’t pass up — free temporary studio space in Yucca Valley. The Mojave Desert is one of my favorite places, so having a reason to go so often is going to be a dream! I can see Joshua Trees from my window! I’m in love!

Lost (more likely stolen) Tangles

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news “Tan Tangle” and “Blue Tangle” are officially “lost”. I brought them to the UPS store in Los Angeles (on Virgil at the intersection of Sunset and Hollywood. Yes, I’m naming names) to ship to a patron in Michigan. After a couple of weeks of them not arriving, I followed up with the UPS store and UPS HQ — which was not an easy or pleasant experience. Long story short, they had no record of my package ever even getting on a truck and leaving the store — which seems to suggest the package was taken from the store. I’m an honest, hard-working person, so I don’t want to suggest it was an employee, but… all I can say is the package was about the size and weight of a flat screen TV. They were (under) insured because I thought no way would they lose a package this size — but at least I got something. Anyway, if by chance you ever come across these paintings, PLEASE report it to me! No questions asked, but I would very much like them back.

Canopy – SOLD!

When I was in college, one of my favorite films was Naked Lunch. Michael, who acted in it, just purchased my painting, “Canopy.” He has been working passionately on environmental issues through Climate Reality Project, so this abstract painting of trees at sunset really spoke to him. Thank you Michael! I hope you love it for years to come!

Coral Reef – SOLD!

Stephen is the proud new owner of my Coral Reef painting. I think it’s going to be very happy here! Thanks Stephen, enjoy!

Constellation and Brambles – SOLD!

Nicole and David recently stopped by to see some of my current abstract paintings in person… and left with Constellation and Brambles! Thanks guys!

Hollywood Premiere – SOLD!

Brandy and Brent picked up this oil painting, and it’s looking right at home… the cat seems transfixed. I hope he likes it! Thanks guys, enjoy!

Abstract Quad – SOLD!

I’m happy to report that this foursome was purchased by Dave and Bekki, and will be living at their sweet pad in Pioneertown, CA. Enjoy guys…and thank you!

Former Child Star Tangle, out in the wild!

Thanks to Art Share LA, you can see a larger than life print of my Former Child Star Tangle at the Arts District Brewing Co. in downtown Los Angeles. Sitting by it with some cold brew, look at it a while and see what pops out! I’m not sure how long it’ll be up, so catch it while you can.

Immortalized on Banners

Here’s my Former Child Star Tangle in banner form! It was in downtown LA at the Garey Building and might be still. Thanks to Art Share LA for the opportunity, and all you do!

Present for a Patron

Courtney asked about commissioning me to paint the pictures seen over Amèlie’s bed (in her favorite movie, Amèlie). I had to tell her I was too busy, but would love to when I free up… knowing full well I was going to paint them and give them to her as a Christmas present. She has been such a super supporter and patron for so long, it was time to give back! I think they turned out quite well!

Limited Edition Giclée Prints Now Available

Just in time for the holidays, Troubled Tangle is now available as a print!
It’s a high-quality, signed and numbered archival giclée print on bright white, 24 x 24 inch cotton paper (image size is 22 x 22 inches). A great gift for art lovers, the celebrity obsessed… or for yourself!
Buy Now!

Troubled Tangle – sold!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of selling a painting! Troubled Tangle was purchased from the Bury the Lead show at Art Share LA, and moved to San Diego. I would like to thank Art Share and the collector, who was nice enough to share this photo of it in its new home. I think it looks great!


Bury the Lead – Opening

The opening of Bury the Lead at Art Share LA was fantastic. The show featured an eclectic and excellent group of artists, and I’m proud to be one of them. Thank you to everyone who came, including my parents (who came all the way from Michigan!), and thank you to everyone at Art Share. It was a great night.






Bury the Lead show at Art Share LA

I’m happy to announce five of my paintings from Tangles: The Secret Lives are going to be in the Bury the Lead show at Art Share LA.

OPENING: September 10, 2016, 7-10pm