June 21, 2008 crose

Mariah Carey?

I have never considered myself a Mariah Carey fan. I have nothing against her, I’m just not a fan. But when a Tangle painting artist hears the siren song of “Mariah Carey themed art wanted” it’s just irresistible. So I pulled out the paints, and created a glorious 40 x 40″ Mariah Carey Tangle, to be featured at a private MC themed party! The undoubtedly splendid event took place June 21 at MJ Higgins Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. If you couldn’t hit the high notes, you weren’t getting in… and that includes this artist!

You say you’re a huuuuuge Mariah Carey fan, and you just have to have this painting? My deepest condolences, but it is no more… it was painted over! Can you guess which Tangle covers it?